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Point A

Point B

Radius: 10 km

Objects on map

WEB studio:

Please choose the point of entry to Penza region

After selecting a point of entry, you must click "Finish" button at the bottom of the screen.

At this point, a route is only possible to the city of Penza, so in the other point to make the word "Penza".

We wish you a pleasant stay in our wonderful region Penza!

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How to use


Point A, Point B - a tool that allows you to specify start and end points of the route. In the text box to type the name of the name of the settlement or full address. You must then click on "show". Point on the map appears, marking the beginning or end of the route, and in the text box will appear full address.
radius - a tool that allows you to specify the radius of the area around the route, which will display objects of interest. Objects on the map that are outside this area will not be displayed.
Objects on the map - a list of sections and categories, which are separated by all the important objects of the region. If you put a checkbox next to the name category, the corresponding objects appear on the map.

Tools on the map

- a tool to drag the map with the mouse. N It can drag the map by holding down the left mouse button.
- a tool to zoom in on selected area maps. Lets bring the area map, selected mouse button.
- a tool to measure distances on the map. Allows you to use the mouse to lay on the route map and find its length. The route is indicated by special marks round, connected in a red line. When the mouse cursor is displayed on the label tool tip indicating the distance between the label and the starting point of the route.
- control that enables you to deploy a map on the screen. Hides the means of constructing a route.
- control "Map Search" that allows you to look at a map or landmarks on their name or part of the address.
- item scale that allows you to zoom the map with a certain step. Represents the two buttons to zoom in and out and the slider.
- a control that lets you choose the type of card ("Scheme", "hybrid" or "Satellite"). It is recommended to use the "Scheme".
- element "sketch-map", which is a mini-map shows areas where the scale of a few points less than the principal.