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Our city is also an "oasis" and "reserve" of Russia, preserving the continuity of the academic school of art and tradition of painting in conjunction with creative enthusiasm of young artists. Penza Art College - treasure of the city. It is a living organism, which generates a variety of genres and styles in art. Rich land Penza talent, especially artists. Gallery presents works by the best artists practicing various art principles.


Places where you can buy Penza's


1. Workshop Penza Souvenirs

* Products from birch bark and straw;
* Ceramics;
* Artistic-decorative metalwork and ceramics;
* Gift sets of glass and crystal;
* Paintings by famous artists Penza;
* Souvenir confectionery products;
* Books, cards, discs of the Penza region.

Location: Penza, Railway Station Square Station "Penza-I»

Tel. (8412) 76-36-34

e-mail: suvenir.pnz @ mail.ru

Website: suvenirpnz.ru

2. Shop souvenir Sursky

* Products from birch bark, clay and straw;
* Wood carving;
* Spike;
* Souvenirs with the logo "Penza".

Location: Penza, ul. Michurina 2

Tel.: (8412) 628114, 541 276

3. Workshop family values ​​Feet-palm

* Custom bulk casts of children's hands and feet;
* Sculpted copies of children's hands and feet;
* Copies of the sculpture of hands in love (3D);
* Decoration.

Location: Penza, ul. Moscow, 40

Tel.: (8412) 787080, 305 535


4. Workshop Sursky craftsmen

* Picture;
* Boxes;
* Ceramics;
* Painted products;
* Textiles, jewelry;
* Plastic decorations, beads, and wood;
* Original designer clothes.

Location: Penza, ul. Bakunin, 52

Tel.: 89273775361

5. Shop wanderer, the store of original gifts

Location: Penza, Kirov Street, 15b

Tel / Fax 10.06.52

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The Penza region - is really very beautiful. It both Tarhany, and Troitsko-Skanov monastery, and many other things.




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